Notes for each day


Hi Guys,

Loving the work recently! Cliniko is really coming together. Is there a chance each day can have seperate notes? Like a section below each day where you can enter information about that day. For instance if someone was visiting the clinic on that day, or a meeting between directors was happening that day then everyone could be made away of that kind of thing on a day-to-day basis. Otherwise we have to use a separate calendar system for some of our meetings and also for practitioners who are only renting rooms.



Hi @rpuddle!

The unavailable blocks are great for these situations. When you create them, any text you place in the notes section will appear as the label of that unavailable block, so they can act as non appointment related reminders or calendar notes!!


Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the reply and appreciate that the unavailable block does cover most of the bases. However I was thinking more for someone that isn’t on the system but is still relevant to other practitioners. For instance if our Clinic Manager (me) has a meeting at 3.30pm on a specific day which means one of our rooms is unavailable at that time, a little note section at the bottom of that day would mean I could write that Room 3 is not available at 3.30pm, so other practitioners know this.