No report to pay our practitioners accurately based on revenue received


The Situation:
There is no revenue report on Payment Date!

The Problem:
We cannot accurately pay our practitioners a percentage of what they earned (money actually received) in a fortnight, without the risk of over or under paying them.

Why are the current Reports Inaccurate:
A revenue by closed or open invoices only tells us payments that were made according to the “invoice” date. So, if a partial payment is made, the current reports will show as no payment at all (closed invoices) or full payment (open invoices). No report will actually show what has been paid. The compounding problem is that, if we assume all invoices will eventually be paid in full, then we will be overpaying practitioners, essentially for revenue they did not receive. A big example of this is cancellation fees that only get paid 50% of the time. And to compound the problem even further, because we sync with Xero (which does produce reports of payment date), we have no way of cross-checking our figures. And before you say, “Why don’t you use data exports?”, well the data export for Payments does not include a practitioner column. So there is no report and no work around.

I did bring this up a year or so ago, in direct communication with support, and am happy to provide working examples should that be helpful. The response then was that payments were not associated with practitioners behind the scenes. This does seem very odd to me. As when I transfer the info to Xero I can produce a payment date report - as is required by my accountant and anyone else that works on a Cash Basis.

The importance of a “Payment Date”
Imagine having the “Daily Payments” report not actually show the revenue of a clinic. And instead showed, for example, what was invoiced - but not paid. No one would be able to reconcile their daily takings to the bank or their cash ledger. And imagine if you had to generate this report a week later and got a different result, because a payment was made after you drew the original report. No consistency or accuracy. That’s why we need reports on payment date.

The Answer:
A “revenue by Payment Date” report, that enables me to to select a date range and practitioner as query fields.

Do any other clinic owners share my sentiments? Or possibly have you been generating reports thinking you’ve been paying your staff accurately, when possible you or them have been underpaid?


We have found that the best report is “Daily Payments” be careful that ALL invoices have a practitioner nominated on the invoices other wise they will not be included in a particular practitioner’s total.


This has been an issue for us as well. I would be very grateful a report as you have described Robin could be created. Thank you for raising this request.


I am currently using multiple reports to reconcile invoices to appointments to payments received. A task that should be taking me half the time that it currently does. A report as described by Robin would be a great help.


A payments summary report will allow a date range and produce the payments received per practitioner for the selected date range. I may not be following correctly your problem, but this report would allow you to know how much to pay each practitioner based on actual payments received for a selected period.


In response to @ipsych, thanks for joining the discussion. The Payments Summary report is unfortunately too basic, as we can’t get a breakdown of individual transactions for each practitioner, which we can in the revenue reports. So have no way of resolving or reconciling discrepancies. And also, as we have products that enter payments that are not part of a practitioners revenue (its the clinics revenue), we cannot separate these out, which we can in revenue reports. Hence, a revenue report, much like the current ones, but one that operates on payment date is still what we are yearning for. Until then, we have no accurate way of paying our practitioners.