No more workarounds - Hire some programmers

Please add these features:

  1. Able to bulk invoice. ie link multiple appointments on a single invoice.

  2. Able to invoice partial items ie: 0.5 / 1.25 etc. Particularly for those that charge hourly rate

  3. Able to email multiple people at once

  4. Have a dropdown box for contacts to add 3rd party payer instead of having to enter their details manually every time.

It would be really great to see a feature request added instead of having Cliniko suggest a work around or showing how out of touch they are with their customers.

Like if you agree and want to see these features! :+1:t2:


Agree, in particular number 2 and 4! Really should be able to invoice by less than whole numbers! Ie. for travel time - it is really annoying! I don’t want to have a 10 different entries for each time break down just for travel!

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Ashleigh, would setting a “cost per minute” (or second) work in your situation?

Hello, yes a ‘cost per minute’ would work for me or alternatively being able to type 1.5 (and the system calculates the amount) ie. it would be one and a half hours. Or for example if we could type in .4 and the system would then calculate what .4 of the session would be. I have previously been able to invoice this way in accounting software. But probably the cost per minute would work best.

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Yes please - particularly the ability to invoice in decimal amounts!

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Hi everyone, thank you for your feedback here. We know that the ability for these things—in particular, bulk invoicing and partial items on invoices—would be really beneficial, and it’s less than ideal that we don’t offer it right now. I can understand the frustration, and we don’t like having to offer workarounds for things as we know they can be messy and time-consuming.

Ultimately, we do want to improve in the areas listed here. A lot of the features we’ve released this year in 2020 have been focused around COVID (such as telehealth, online payments, and time zone support), and that’s certainly not to say that what’s mentioned here isn’t important—it is. We’ve had to make decisions about where to put our resources and unfortunately that means that certain feature developments end up taking precedence over other things. Many features are easier said than done, and take a lot of behind-the-scenes work to implement and make sure they’re done correctly and in a way that makes sense.

I’m sorry that we’re unable to offer the items mentioned in this list right now, and I know that the lack of certain features ends up adding extra work. I hope that we can make improvements in these areas in the future. We don’t have a public roadmap but try to be as transparent as possible about what we are or aren’t working on, and at the moment, our efforts have been focused around ensuring that the existing, recent features we’ve put out are working to the best of their ability. Telehealth, for example, is still in beta; although it was released earlier this year, we’re still working to improve it and make it better in the long term, as virtual appointments are probably here to stay for a while. We’ll definitely keep everyone updated as things progress and more features are released, but can’t give a definitive ETA on when something mentioned in this list might be available.

Please do let us know if you had any other questions, though.


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Thanks for the time to provide a detailed response Emily.

I understand that there are a lot of other important things that took priority in 2020 and still currently ongoing and don’t want to detract from their importance in supporting other clinics.

In saying that though Insurers and 3rd parties fund a huge portion of the allied health industry. Items 2 and 4 that I have listed are critically important to any clinic that invoices to third parties.

Check your top 10 viewed and top 10 replied topics on the feature requests pages and you’ll find “automatic invoicing” and “3rd party payments” which if you read are both related to combining appointments onto the same invoice.

This has been requested many other times on separate posts dating back many years.
I guarantee you that everyone that needs this feature is exporting reports and manually entering and sending invoices from Xero.

Cliniko is such a user friendly software and has some great features for clinicians, but it’s let down in the back end with finance administration; which is a real shame. Financials is where a lot of business owners need things to be quick and easy to track their business effectively. Sending an invoice in 3 clicks is great when charging a client direct. Exporting appointment info and manually entering client invoices in Xero for 3rd parties, not so great. This also messes up half of the Cliniko reports as all.

3 and 4 would be very useful for our business :+1:

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