No more checking SMS replies! 🌋 Automatic Appointment Confirmation - Provided by Cliniq Apps


Automatic Appointment Confirmation

How much of your admin time is being wasted searching through SMS replies?

:racehorse:Automatically send Appointment Confirmations to your clients.

:racehorse: Automatically update the appointment notes as soon as your client ‘confirms’ or says ‘will not attend’

:racehorse: Give a ‘Call Us’ option in the SMS to call you if they have questions.

:racehorse: Get their comments from within the SMS and update your appointment notes automatically.

:racehorse: The system automatically detects which number they need to call if you have multiple locations.

:racehorse: Fully customisable and beautiful look and feel – Add your own logo, text, customise colours. It’s your clinic branding and it matters

:raising_hand_woman: Offload this menial and time consuming task from your admin staff. :raising_hand_woman: Machines can do that!

Click HERE to sign up. If you are a current user of Cliniq Apps, enjoy using it!

Provided By Cliniq Apps



Does this mean that we have to pay for the app? and what if our patients don’t use this?


Hi Belinda, yes for this feature you need to be an activated member of Cliniq Apps. We charge per SMS sent, we do not charge for usage or replies.