"Next appointment" field in visit notes, for reception

Hoping to see a “Next appointment” field in the visit notes screen, where the value then appears in the visit summary pop-up (that comes up after clicking the appointment), so that reception can see when I want to see the patient next when they go to process payment and re-book. A drop-down of appointment types (with a set default for most common one) alongside as well.

Makes communicating this info from within the visit notes screen, a natural part of the workflow. As opposed to exiting Cliniko, opening up Slack, entering the patient name, and next visit/type, then exiting back to cliniko.

Alternative to a simple text field, could also have a (customisable?) list of presets, such as;
-This week
-1/2/3/4/6/8/12 weeks
-Next week (M/T/W/T/F/S)
-Next week (any day)

I’ve considered using the Patient Details/Edit/Appointment Notes however that seems to work better as a ‘permanent notes’ field. Plus it involves leaving the visit notes screen, going back into their details, etc, etc - doesn’t flow as well.