Newbie question, can i choose a billable item to go with an appointment?

Hello all, my first post, so be gentle… :slight_smile:

When making an appointment, can i associate a billable item with that appointment, so that i can then invoice the patient/client for that appointment?

Do i have to create an appointment type or can i just link a billable item with an appointment?

Example, my wife has a patient(new or existing) she needs to make an appointment for taking a blood sample for ‘Liver Function Test’, so i figure she should be able to choose a billable item, like “Liver Function Test” from a list in the New Appointments , after she choose an existing patient or after a new patient

If i have to make an appointment type, and a billable item for each of the 100 tests, that seems like a lot of work.

Any suggestions? Or maybe some does something like this already??

Thanks and have a great day!

Montreal, Canada

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Hey Rob! Great question!

While you can associate appointment types and billable items (so that the billable item comes up automatically for a particular type of appointment) it sounds like in this case that’s not going to be particularly helpful. It’s likely going to be quicker for you to simply set up those billable items with the different names/codes, then choose the right one for a particular invoice/patient.

When creating a new invoice, if the appointment doesn’t have an associated billable item, you’ll get to search for the billable item on your invoice.

If you are going to be able to identify what type of test will be run ahead of time and adding that to the calendar is easier than on the day of the test, you can see how to associate appointment types and billable items here:

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Hey Jim, thanks for the reply…

So I am a bit confused here… So do i then need to set up a billable item for Liver Function, then also create an appointment type of Live Function also then?

Because creating an invoice at the end of the month lets say for an appointment that was done 2 weeks prior could lead to errors unless she remembers to choose Liver Function to invoice the patient?

Sorry I am not getting it…Like i said I am a Sys admin not a money guy, lol

Have a great day!

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Hey, Rob :wave: One thing you might find helpful on that front would be to add the appropriate note to the appointment from the Appointments calendar.

Staff can click that appointment to create its invoice (which also has the benefit of automatically populating the invoice with that patient’s and appointment’s info:

When they view the appointment from your calendar, they’ll see the note there. Then, just hit the “Add a payment” button to generate that invoice and select the appropriate billable item.

What do you think?

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I’d also add that adding a comment to the appointment type, or selecting a particular appointment type, is pretty much equal in creating an invoice. Clicking “Add a payment” and then selecting the relevant billable item is super quick - so it’s something that’s designed to be able to do on the fly!

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