New to cliniko, "user menu" needed

Hello all,

Hope you all are well. I am pretty new to cliniko and I wonder if there is anywhere I can access to a “user menu” for Cliniko ?

Been trying to learn the platform from just individual posts and youtube video, however it has not been too efficient…

Thank you so much everyone and looking forward to hearing from you all .


I found the ‘help’ topics really useful when setting everything up. When you finish one task at the bottom it then says that you need to do the next thing to link them together.

Thanks for the reply LCAH

do you mind if I ask where can you access to the help topic please…?

THanks a lot and have a wonderful evening !


On the main blue menu go to the bottom where it says help. Then click on the ‘How To Guides’. Start at the Setting up your Cliniko account and then it should take you to all the areas you need. Or start typing a topic e.g. billing and it will come up with all the options you need.

I hope that helps.

got it !! thanks a lot ! :slight_smile: will dive in right now !