New Report: List appointments by type

It would be great if we could have a report that listed the appointments in a time period for one or more clinicians by appointment type…


Totally agree. Would be great to have more filter options in general for the data exports.

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Agreed. In particular, adding additional filters to the appointments schedule report (to filter out new patients, re-exams, etc) would make our lives significantly easier!

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This is a 100% must-have feature and it should be a standard report.


A report by appointment type is essential. We deal with DVA, WorkCover, Medicare plans, Insurance and other third parties for 14 self-employed practitioners.

This would enable the practitioners to better manage their reporting requirements for the above within a specified time frame.

100% agree that this should be a priority.

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Have you tried doing a data export into an excel sheet and then sorting by appointment type?

We are about to do something similar each month for a number of things…letter sent, NP/letters sent to GP %, follow up with patients b appointment type seen and etc…

It could be a lot more user friendly and not in an excel sheet but a nicer friendly report like you do for your revenue etc

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Not a bad idea. Will try that.