New privacy settings for patient names in your browser tabs and external calendars

We’ve introduced some new patient privacy settings that allow you to choose how patient names display in both your browser and in the external calendar integration.

Whatever you select will be account-wide, so any user who has their Cliniko calendar integrated with Google Calendar (for example) would see whatever you’ve set up here—the same goes for how patient names would show up in their browser tabs and history. :computer:

To check it out, you can head to Settings → Patient privacy. You’ll find this new feature under Patient name display:

For both browser page title and external calendar display, you’ll have the option to select first name, full name, initials, or anonymous:

For example, if you select “Anonymous”, your browser tab/history (and external calendar) will only show the patient’s ID number:

This setting is meant to help give you the tools to maintain patient confidentiality. :+1: :sparkles: We want to make it easy for you to ensure that, if needed, patient names are well hidden unless you are actually looking at their details in Cliniko itself!

This is great, but can we have this option in the Cliniko calendar too?

Hey @Belinda_Birtles There’s already a “Hide Names” button in the top right corner of the calendar - that should make sure your names aren’t shown while looking at it!

Hi Jim

Yes, I use that but it would be good if there were other options available so you can see who is booked in when booking other people when they are standing there with you looking at the screen (like first name only)