New Privacy Policy Consent Flag


We’ve now added the ability for clinics to record whether or not a patient has accepted or rejected your business’ Privacy Policy :tada:! This can be seen when you’re creating new patients (via the new appointment or waitlist window) or directly on the Patient’s File (via the edit screen).

View when adding a New Patient via Appointment & Waitlist:

View when editing a Patient’s File:

If a patient “rejects” the privacy policy of your clinic (don’t worry – it’s them, not you :sob:), a red banner will be displayed on the top of their File:

Just note this is separate from Cliniko’s Privacy Policy, so if a patient books via online bookings, agreeing to Cliniko’s Privacy Policy will not affect the consent flag on their file.

We’re also working on a Report that will show you the status of consent across all of your patients. So stay tuned for more goodies :raised_hands:!



Hi there,
Will this flag be output in the standard Mailchimp integration?
Does that mean I should disconnect and reconnect to make a whole new list, or can it be integrated more directly?


This flag currently isn’t sent to MailChimp. We may add/sync this field via the MailChimp Integration in the future but if your patients haven’t consented to receiving marketing emails though, you may want to create a new List. Just note, there isn’t a field that prevents a patient from being added to MailChimp but if a patient is deleted or archived we will then remove them from MailChimp.


Can the flag be reported on somehow? Perhaps in one of the export tables?
I’m currently updating the policies in preparation for the GDPR, but I had hoped that this would be a nice way to pass data on.



Hey Duncan,

We’ll be creating reporting for this in the near future. At the moment, the values are not included in the Patients Data Export, but I’ll look into seeing if we can get that export updated as soon as possible for us!



Another thing I wanted to add: since unsubscribing from campaigns/emails is handled in MailChimp, if you create a new MailChimp List, you’ll want to make sure that you transfer those who have already unsubscribed in your previous list as well.

How to do this within MailChimp:


Hi Guys, Can I make a suggestion with regards to the Client Privacy Policy Consent. As part of your ongoing updates of this new feature, would it be possible to have either a 'Grey (not responded), Green (Accepted), or Red (Rejected) shields/flag next to clients names. when making bookings, or checking their current bookings. This would be a great way, when a client comes in for their appointment, to remind us to update their consent?


That’s great, thanks Clinton!

Another thing I was thinking about as an option would be the ability to bulk add a medical note to patients - something to remind us to update privacy policy for everyone when they come in. Would that be possible?



Hi Duncan,

There isn’t a way to mass add/update Medical Alerts/Notes. Each patient would have to be updated individually. Also with Medical Alerts, only Practitioners and Admins can view those so if your other team members need to view a general note, I recommend using the Notes section of the Patient’s File (which would also need to be updated individually).