New options for manually sending patient forms out, including a QR code

There are a few new ways to manually send forms to your patients! :tada:

In the past, you could only copy a unique link to the form and then send it to your patient via email (or perhaps SMS if you wanted). There wasn’t a way to easily—and automatically—send it from “within” Cliniko.

With this change, you now have multiple options for getting the form to the patient: emailing directly from Cliniko, sending via SMS, and creating a QR code for the patient to scan when they arrive at the clinic. We still have the old option of simply copying the link to the form, as well!

How does it work?

To find these new options, head to the Forms section in the patient’s profile, and either add a new form, or select “Send to patient” under the Actions menu next to an existing form:

You’ll then be presented with the new options of sending via email, SMS, showing a QR code, or copying the link:

Sending via email and SMS will allow you to directly send the form to the patient’s email or mobile number, straight from Cliniko. If you opt for the QR code, you’ll want to wait until the patient is in the clinic, and then when they arrive and you genearate the code, it will look something like this:

You can show them the code, and they can scan it with their mobile device, and subsequently fill out the form and submit it back to you!

This should help make getting forms to patients a whole lot easier, especially if they forgot to fill a form out prior to coming in for their appointment!

For a full breakdown of how the new options work, head over to this guide on our support site!


Fabulous new option! Thank you, it is very well appreciated.
Is it any way I can change the email text? like what we do with the appointment confirmation.

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Hey, @Lia . Glad you like it :+1: Not yet, but it’s something we might explore as a future improvement. If you have any suggestions on improved wording in the meantime, let us know :smiley:

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It’s good to have these options, but the new design creates extra work if all you need to do is copy the link. It would have been good if you kept the link as it was and offered a ‘more options’ button to the side.

Cliniko is great but I find when the developers add functionality, more thought could be put into reducing mouse clicks. There’s a danger of the site becoming bloated and unwieldy.

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Nice update :slight_smile:

A few requests:

  1. Would it be possible to keep the email client (or other) option after the form has been submitted so that I can send the completed form to clients (or other parties)? ie, if a client completes a form in session, I can make sure they have a copy.
    Ideally, I would like to be able to select multiple forms the client completes and send together in one email, as currently I go through the service agreement, privacy policy and terms and conditions in the initial session and client signs them, then I need to export as pdf and send outside of cliniko, then add a communication note.

  2. When exporting a form, can the banner colour (teal) be changed - great we can add our logo/header to letters etc, but not so good when they do not match teal…

  3. I agree with earlier comment - would love to see options for font colour, size and type, but especially size.

  4. And I agree with another comment re keeping the link as it was to reduce number of mouse clicks and adding a ‘more options button’.

Thank you :grinning:

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This is a great new feature. I was wondering though - is it possible to make the QR code page accessible without needing to login? Just that way we can open the QR link on a tablet or device that the patient can then scan?

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Hi @PhysioPhil, we at give you the capability to print out QR codes for Clinic’s general patient forms. Please have a chat with us; we will help you set it up.