New filtering option in data exports for accounts with more than 10K treatment notes or patient forms

It was discovered that accounts with a lot of treatment notes and patient forms (10,000 or more) weren’t playing nicely with the data export function. If your account fell into this category (with over 10K notes or forms), you only had the option to select “All” to export, as opposed to breaking the selection down by different templates (which was possible for accounts that had less notes and forms).

When exporting all notes or forms, the final result was a pretty ugly template that lumped everything together in certain columns, which made it really hard to read and sort through.

To remedy this, we’ve added a “title” filter, which will show up if your account has more than 10K notes or forms. (If your account has less than this, you’ll still see the original drop-down options of all notes, or individual templates.)

You’ll be able to type in the title of the template (i.e. “Initial consultation”), and export only notes or forms that use that template. Here’s an example of what that would look like:

This should help to keep things nice and tidy when exporting notes and forms, especially if your Cliniko account has a lot of them!