New feature request

We would like to send an email after treatment to follow up, to ask any feedback or give the patient some instruction on taking her medicine.
It will be very helpful if you can add this feature in clinico as an option to send email automatically post-appointment.
and make our job more efficient as we currently have to do it manually.


We would like this functionality too please

This has been asked before and we get pushed towards a 3rd party integration at additional cost. Would really see the benefit of having this directly in Cliniko

Thank you for the information. Can we ask what is the reason you push to a 3rd party integration if Cliniko is able to do it?
we are not happy with more new features with more costs?

Agreed, we’re currently using 3 seperate services in addition to Cliniko and the costs really add up.
It would be nice to be able to automate a follow-up email for feedback and not need to rely on an extra integration.