New feature: automatic session timeout

Your Cliniko account has a new addition: automatic session timeout. :clock1:

If enabled, what this will do is automatically log you out after a certain period of inactivity. The minimum time that can be set is 30 minutes.

:point_up:Note: This is an account-wide setting, so if you turn it on, it will affect all users on your account.

You can find it in Settings → General settings, under Security:

You’ll have a few different durations to select from:

If you’re inactive for the specified set of time, an alert will pop up that asks if you’d like to remain signed in:

Selecting “Keep me signed in” will keep your session active! :+1:

After the timer reaches zero, you will be automatically logged out and redirected to the sign-in page., along with an alert that your session expired:

This feature is meant to assist with account security. :lock: So, if you forget to sign out when you’re not using Cliniko (or if you step away from your computer), this helps to ensure that your account remains secure! :muscle: While this is an optional feature, we recommend turning it on, as it’s always a good idea to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your account safe and sound!

:point_up:Note: For all existing accounts, this is set to “Never”. For all new accounts, it’ll be set to 12 hours (but you can change it!).