Need for footer and signature section


All Canadian practitioners will now have to sign each invoice. This makes the email the invoice function completely useless.

Can there be a footer section for an image that can be added to each invoice? That would solve my issue and allow me to email my invoices as opposed to printing them, stamping them and signing them.

Please! Long time Cliniko user.



I agree, having an option for a footer and electronic signature on all documents would make things so much easier!



This would also be useful for the letter templates



This week I had to print out all of my invoices and notes that were denied by the insurance to hand sign them and stamp them, this feature would be great for signature block.



You can get around this for now by putting your digital signature in your header/logo (see my example). As an extra measure I put the following notice at the bottom of the receipt (automatically) using the “offer text” feature: PLEASE NOTE OFFICIAL SIGNATURE TOP RIGHT OF THIS INVOICE. I’ve been doing this for a couple years and I’ve never heard a concern from patient’s or insurance companies.