NDIS Plans and Budget Tracking

It would be great to have a feature where we were able to enter the following information into a clients file:

  • NDIS Plan Start Date & End Date - which triggers an alert when the end date is approaching (perhaps on the client details screen)

  • NDIS budget amount - this would be linked to the invoices and would show a running total, updating the amount as each invoice is raised. An alert would be triggered when the budget amount reached say $500?

I feel like anyone working in the NDIS world now would greatly appreciate this feature - the time taken to track this on basic spreadsheets, and the room for error is causing so many headaches! As much as we love Cliniko, we are actively looking for other programs/software that can meet this need for us.


Would love this - just created another feature request for something similar. NDIS is such a headache from an organisational point of view - Iā€™d love to be able to keep everything streamlined on Cliniko.