NDIS Patients/Custom Sections

Would love to see a form for NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) patients who receive funding for their appointments - or even the option to create new custom forms/info boxes within the Client Details page.

Patients who are NDIS-supported need to have a service agreement drawn up before they can begin therapy (whether this is speech therapy, an OT, physio, etc.) and this is kept on a patient’s file, but it would be nice to see it all filled out on their client page rather than scrolling through scanned PDF’s of the agreements, which can often get lost under a lot of other data.

Example form would include:
Title: NDIS Patient
Editable boxes for: NDIS number, plan start and end dates, support coordinator, plan manager/NDIA, number of hours service booked
Tick box for whether a service agreement has been signed and on what date

Again, a specific form doesn’t need to be created for NDIS patients, just the option to self-create new, custom sections on a client’s profile.


We are loving the new capacity to create forms, and agree that being able to create some NDIS specific forms e.g. service agreements that clients can read, complete and sign online would be great. What is getting in the way of us doing this now is that we have no easy way of sharing a copy of the completed form with the client. Is it possible to have a function where the form can be emailed to the client once completed? or turned into a PDF doc?

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