Multiple repeat bookings



Our practice works mainly on multiple repeat bookings that happen weekly. So we have clients that book in the same class week after week. There are some areas highlighted below that would make the bookings much easier to manage.

  1. When booking into the same class week on week that one confirmation email is sent with all the dates listed and the cancellations against it. Rather than them receiving 25+ emails at one time.

  2. When the client deletes a session no email is sent to say it has been deleted and so makes them email the admin to check, creating work.

  3. When the client is booking online have the feature to book onto multiple classes at one time, rather than having to book into separate classes then having to go in again to do another week.

  4. If we can see the up and coming booked appointments as admin, then can this feature be available to the client to view on booking as well. Or why can’t this have the feature to email directly and not have to download and send independently?

  5. How can the client see their account balance of what they have left on their block payment of multiple classes?

Would welcome others thoughts on this and if any of it is likely to happen?