Multiple practitioners

Hi fellow Cliniko users.

We currently have one practitioner in our specialist clinic. We have another practitioner coming on board shortly however she works in a different field and I am unsure if I should add her as a practitioner or create her own cliniko account.

She has her own logo ect that needs to be on receipts.

Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do?

I am new to Cliniko but I may be able to help as I am in a similar situation. My other practitioner has separate qualifications but is also an osteopath. He works under my clinic name so we produce receipt with the clinic name on them. If it needs his name and details to be shown, we use a printed paid invoice as the receipt cannot be modified whereas the invoice can. I’m not sure you’d be able to change the logo though, just the name.
As for bookings, it is a pain having more than one practitioner unless you are both running appointment slots side by side. The appointment system does not allow for practitioners to pre-load exact time slots e.g every 45 minutes. This has caused us a problem as I have 3 practitioners and have had to print out a sheet showing the reception staff the time slots for each day for each practitioner so they don’t have to do a time calculation each time they book someone in. You can set appointment times per treatment in the practitioner’s personal settings which will flag up any overlap in appointments but still can pre-set times on the diary page. Daft. This is something I think Cliniko need to address.
It’s workable having your other practitioner on your account and everything will be in one place for bookings but bear in mind the glitches above. Having her own account will mean operating two diaries but she can personalise it. It will also cost more.
Hope this helps.

You can use the same Cliniko but add another business under Settings - Business Information - Add business.

We use this for our multi-disciplinary clinic. Works quite well with different branding and banking details.

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When you say branding, what do you mean?
Our practitioner consults from multiple locations so we already use the business function for each of the different locations. My issue really is that I would need to change our current letterhead completely to include her details/logo as only one attachment can be used for the header on the page.