Multiple Practitioners in one appointment

It would be useful to add multiple practitioners to an appointment. Currently we have to enter them individually which is time consuming and allows for errors.
Examples: a practitioner will sit in on another practitioners session, groups sessions, staff meetings (I have to create the same appointment for every staff member - every time!), blocking out office closure dates / holidays, etc


Agreed! We also see this as being useful for groups, which are usually run by multiple practitioners.

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I agree it would be useful to all more than one clinician to be booked for the one appointment.
Particularly when training, or if an appointment requires more than one clinician.

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+1. We need this for group sessions and have cases where more than one practitioner will be involved in individual appointments too. Staff have also raised the point that there is a relationship here to billing for appointments where there are multiple practitioners present.


This is still something we are still very keen to have resolved. It is creating a lot of work to manage

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