Multiple Episodes of care and 3rd party accounts


Hi, we have been trialing Cliniko and are looking to move from Front Desk and struggling to come to terms with how we will work with our accounts when Cliniko doesn’t yet have Episodes of care linked with different possible 3rd party accounts… For example a client could have simultaneously a private account for 1 injury, a workers compensation account for another with a 3rd party payee. Even worse we have a number of clients who can commence a few visits with their workplace as a payee under a PO number, and then the injury can progress to a workers comp claim with an insurer (thus 2 separate accounts!).

Does anyone have any good ideas/ work arounds for these problems? 1 person said that they create a 2nd client under the same name whilst they have 2 separate episodes and then merge the file once 1 is completed. Sounds messy! And it looks like you have to manually enter the insurer/3rd party info rather than as a saved contact…

Appreciate any help here as this problem looks potentially to be a massive issue for us and we really want to go with Cliniko!