Multiple email addresses


Hi Cliniko,
I’d really like to see multiple email address options for people with split families and need to keep both parties aware of appointments (including reminders) and/or invoices. Currently there is only space for one email, or the option to direct invoices to a different location?


I agree, I had to resort to set up two different appointments instead of just entering two email addresses in the same appointment. It seems to be an easy fix to just be able to add more than one email address!!


This is what we did too. It makes it difficult to count appointments though - if we schedule multiple appointments at the same time.


We work with neuro-rehab clients and as such often require multiple agencies that we have to send email invoices too. Multiple addresses (or at least the client and x2 other emails address options) would be ideal. I appreciate a good work around is to use a PDF from a work email address, however it feels somewhat of a long way around, not least at drafting a covering email response to send with the attachment.
Maybe we’re very much the minority, but it would be helpful to hear of others that would hope this may change. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, this would be a great feature to have - for us it would be useful for minors when both parents wish to receive either the invoice, or the appointment reminder - or sometimes the minor themselves + 1 or 2 parents. Also for workers compensation claims quite often there are multiple parties that require the invoices and/or updates sent to them so it would be good to be able to either add additional email addresses, or additional contacts/referrers to send correspondence to :slight_smile: