Multiple Bug Fixes


Our developers (aka the Cliniko heroes we don’t deserve :pray::sob::pray:) went on a “bug squashing spree” and eliminated some issues that popped up over the last week. Those fixes include:

  • A fix for the bug that caused full Patient Exports to fail for patients with an “other” referral source;

  • Corrected a typo in the full Patient Export description;

  • When searching/adding the Referring Doctor to a Patient’s File, it’ll only show Contacts that are set to Contact Type “Doctor” instead of all Contacts;

  • Fixed a bug that caused $0 Invoices to not have the Date Closed set;

  • New Cliniko accounts weren’t getting their list of titles automatically populated, which could lead to errors when editing a User or Patient;

  • Phone numbers that have a space at the front are now handled correctly by the behind the scenes code that adds country codes when sending SMS;

  • Addressed a rare bug where you could attempt to create an invoice for an appointment of a patient that is being deleted at the same time;

All of these fixed within a week!?!?!?! Hashtag: I LOVE OUR DEVS!!