Multiple appointments per time slot available on online bookings

Cliniko matches almost all of our needs but the one thing that I would be ecstatic to see introduced is the option for patients to book appointments on time slots that already have an appointment booked.

Our practitioners see 2 patients at the same time so there are 2 patients booked per time slot and that can only be booked manually via the front desk. Please can we introduce an option where a setting is available per practitioner for how many appointments are available per time slot.

Similar to this, can the online appointment availabilities please only show appointments next to already booked appointments (block bookings). There is nothing more frustrating than a client booking an appointment in the middle of an empty space, taking away availabilities for other clients to book in and creating a pause for the practitioner in their schedule. We actually call the client to move their appointment and that defeats the purpose of having online bookings in the first place.

I’m sure many other people would love to see a change like this. I’ve seen it possible in other online systems so would really appreciate if some development hours could be put towards this programming.

Thanks for all your work :slight_smile:


@Daniel_Pernet - 100% agreed. Cliniko meets my needs so well, aside for this factor. The ability for online bookings to be offered in close proximity to appointments already scheduled would be ideal. Large gaps in the schedule really disrupts the flow of a shift and regular appointment times sprinkled throughout a shift makes longer appointment types impossible to offer.

Like you, i’ve seen other system offer this benefit, so it seems hard to beleive that this couldn’t be bumped up the priority list. Many cliniko users I know of have made mention of the same issue.

Would really appreciate extra development in this area