Moving files and PDFs from Outlook

It would be great if I could move PDFs from my outlook straight into the patient files section. I cant seem to do this for some reason, I have to move it into a folder before dropping it into Cliniko. Would be a great time saver!

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Oh so agree with this request - please please please!

Hi @Dermsec and @MOC,

thanks for the suggestion!

On many operating systems (Windows included) dragging things between applications is generally not supported. In fact, the compatibility for this is largely determined by the two applications involved - Outlook and your browser. Outlook does support dragging attachments to the file system (i.e. a folder on your computer), and all modern browsers support dropping files from your file system - but there’s no native way to do this between those applications.

Something I found online:

When you try to drag and drop from Outlook, Outlook correctly identifies the format as virtual files (CFSTR_FILEDESCRIPTORW) since the files do not exist directly on disk. Instead, they are contained in a PST file, OST file, or on an Exchange server.

However, many applications do not support this format, such as web browers and most .NET/Java applications.

There are some Windows-based software that can help do this for you - try searching online for:

drag file from outlook to browser

The short of it is however, that it’s not something a web application like Cliniko has any control over. The solution would need to be one that enhances or adds on to both Outlook and your browser.

Best of luck - feel free to post back here if you find something you want to share with others!