More interactive forms

I include forms in standard confirmation emails for new patients to complete, but would like to be able to access them to complete in clinic when they forget to complete it or cannot do it as they don’t have “the internet”, yes there are people out there who do not have appropriate devices to complete them. Also also to add to the form when they have not given enough information. Currently I have to copy and paste the form into another template. I also have to keep two systems running for people who cannot complete the form.


I have requested this and I have seen other request it also. Nothing useful back from Clinico as yet sadly

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Hi @Anne and @wasportsmed what we’ve been doing for situations where the patient didn’t complete the form in advance is open the form from their patient file then either go through verbally with them (one of our team members checking it off) and then we include a checkbox that says ‘form completed verbally’ for this. I suppose you could set up an ipad or tablet with their form open and have patient complete it this way - not sure how this works for patient privacy.
CliniqApps has a kiosk sign in - I think (don;t 100% know) that you could get them to finish a form during that process - will need an ipad or tablet though.

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I would love it if the form could be opened by the therapist and added to before the client signs.


as @qpc suggested above - we have been using iPad for patients who haven’t completed the form before their appointment. We always first ask if they could try to complete it on their own device first though.

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Hi everyone,

We here at can help you with this. We have many different types of forms (ipad / android) , QR code and ad hoc sending capabilities. Please have a chat with us we will help you. :+1: