MORE heading on the appointment types

It currently only displays


It needs to have BUSINESS NAME as not each business have the same consult types. I have to literally type the business name next to each product to know which is which… SO BAD please add this so it is clear which is which!!

Having a title named PREPAID and POST PAID is also important. this should be a standard column title.

Ability to copy and paste existing appointment types would be great. There is so much to edit in each and this causes room for error when you cannot see an overview of what is in each only by clicking into it. Why dont you make the list editable eg. bulk updates more like an excel sheet with each heading. so you can filter and see everything all at once.

Also, ability to reorder each business consult type is CRUCIAL our system looks so dumb with everything in alphabetical order. We do use numbers but its really not professional at all writing 1.1 and then 2.1 and so on.