More formatting options for invoices



I really am enjoying Cliniko as my psychotherapy practice management system, so thanks for creating such an intuitive interface! It has made things much easier for me.

The one area I would like to see more options is invoicing, as the current system seems too limited and does not accommodate my field. A few things that would be helpful:

– The ability to decide which headings I want. For example, I don’t want ‘Code’ ‘Item’, ‘Unit Price’ ‘Tax’ , ‘Type’ and ‘Total Price’. I would prefer to be able to enter my own headings, such as ‘Description’ ’ ‘Rate’ and ‘Amount’ instead.

– Would be great if the system could automatically calculate and list the invoice due date based on customisable preset terms, eg 14 or 30 days.

– The ability to add my own field. For example, I have a particular reference system that I would like to enter under the invoice number.

– Some formatting options would be great, i.e. font size, bold, italics, etc.

Hope you can think more about the invoicing aspect of Cliniko and provide us all with better options to customise according to specific requirements. I know I can integrate Xero, but that service is very U.S. focused (I tried it and paper bills were sent from the U.S. to the UK , which raises all sorts of confidentiality issues) and I don’t need quite that level of accounting for my practice.




Yes this would be great for us too, especially if we could edit the font (size etc). We are an eye clinic and patients are finding it very hard to read some of the small text - i.e. their next appointment.