More changes to Xero integration


Update: We’ve reverted these changes and are now sending phone numbers, addresses, and emails via the Xero Integration.

We’re back again with more changes to our Xero integration. In preparation for GDPR compliance, we’ve been reviewing what data is really necessary for our integrations. We’ve determined that for balancing books with Xero, a patient’s phone numbers and mailing address are not needed. So from this point on, we’ll only be sending the patient’s name to Xero. For more context about what informed this decision, see section 2 of this article:

Since a Xero contact is only created after an invoice is created for a patient, the only patient data that will be sent to Xero of the names of patients that have had at least one invoice.

Before the GDPR compliance deadline on 25 May, we will be removing all phone numbers and addresses from existing Xero contacts, as well.


I assume patients with the same name would not become merged into one? Will Xero be able to distinguish between them ?


When you add two patients into Cliniko with the same name, they will be tied to one Contact within Xero. Xero does not allow 2 Contacts with the same name. So while you’ll have 2 patients in Cliniko, there will only be 1 within Xero. There isn’t a way to distinguish them (unless you name them differently in Cliniko – which will then create 2 separate Contacts within Xero).

Xero may fix this in the future but nothing in the works that I’m aware of.

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