More changes to the Practitioner Performance reports!


When we first released our new practitioner performance reports, we had them set up so that the number of appointments displayed in the charts and in the summary also included canceled appointments, which they didn’t do before. That number also included appointments marked as Do Not Arrive, which is something the report did before.

However, neither of those things turned out to be something many of our customers wanted. In response to their feedback, we’ve just changed the reports to display only “attended” appointments in the “Number of Appointments” column and chart. This means we’re only counting appointments that were not canceled and where the patient showed up. The summary also includes a percentage next to the number, which shows the percentage of all appointments that were attended.

This was a change in how the data is presented, not in how it’s recorded. This means that all of your existing reports should already include these updated figures. You won’t need to generate them again!

We’re also updating the initial announcement for the new report to reflect this change.

Change to Average Revenue in Practitioner Performance Reports