More accessibility improvements


We’ve just added a few fixes that should make life easier for people who use screen readers, including a thing or two that might be of interest to those who don’t.

  1. There’s now a hotkey to open a new appointment form from the calendar page - hit the ‘n’ key on your keyboard to see it in action.
  2. The hotkeys for expanding and collapsing the main menu and sub menu has changed. To toggle the main menu you now press the ‘m’ key. To toggle the sub menu, you press ‘Shift + m’.
  3. Speaking of hotkeys, Cliniko has long had the ability to skip ahead a number of weeks using the number keys 1 to 6. We’ve added the ability to skip backwards - hold the shift key and press the number of weeks you want to jump back.
  4. When moving forward or back through days in view in the appointment calendar, screen readers should now read the new date range you have arrived at.
  5. Day names on the date picker in the calendar toolbar were being read by screen readers as ‘M’, ‘T’, ‘W’, ‘T’, etc. They should now be read as full day names.