Monthly Patient Accounts

May 21: We have many patients whose accounts are paid by a third party and they require MONTHLY accounts with each occasion of service listed, coded and dated on ONE invoice.
At present there is no feature in Cliniko that allows separate dates for each appointment to be added to the one invoice.
We are getting around this by saving the invoice as a pdf then we ADD the dates to each appointment line, save again, then send - really time consuming !!!
All it would take is an extra column on the invoice - can you PLEASE take a look, I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for an easier way to do this!!
Thanks Cliniko


Hey @JBPhysio, I’m wondering if our ‘Account Statement’ feature might provide you what you are looking for here. The Account statement lets you collate all the invoices from a set period of time into one place.

On an account statement you can see both the date that the invoice was created AND the date of the actual appointment.

Here’s a link to our guide for creating these. If you need some more assistance with this I’d encourage you to reach out to us via the support chat in your account.


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