Month filter in Account Statements

In the past account statements generated with no filters as a base. Why now is it necessary to put in the current month automatically as standard - as there is filter option for current or previous month. Surely those who need that filter can press that option! I don’t need that filter and have to clear filter and options every time I send an account statement! Particularly annoying at the beginning of every month when some clients have outstanding invoices from the current and previous month. Does anyone else find this frustrating? LK

Hey, @centrespacepilates . For patients with a very large number of invoices/payments, having no filter at all was sometimes causing the page to load extremely slowly or not at all, in some cases. When you add in a broad range of internet connection quality and devices using Cliniko, I’m afraid that was something that we needed to address.

As a result, we’ve defaulted that filter to the current month to make sure the account statements page loads efficiently as a starting point. From there, you can clear the filte or customize it to suit your needs.

Sorry to require that extra button press in your case, but it was something we needed to address in the near term to take into account those larger patient files I mentioned.

Perhaps a “paged” view in the future might help keep that page loading efficiently, without requiring extra clicks for others who this isn’t a problem for :+1:

I hope that helps provide a bit of clarity about our reasons for adding that in :smiley:

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