Mobile Check-in: Protect your staff & patients and avoid the spread of COVID-19 in your waiting rooms - Cliniq Apps

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 by asking your patients to check-in using their mobiles and stay out of your waiting room to be called in for their appointments


:one: Automatically one hour before the appointment the patient receives a text message to ask them stay in their car.

:two: When patient arrives to the appointment clicks “I have arrived” button

:three: Patients will fill the forms while waiting to be called in

:four: You will instantly receive a message to call the patient in when you are ready

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Hi… Can I ask, do Cliniq apps patient intake forms automatically populate the patient details fields within Cliniko like Finger Ink does?

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Hi Alexandra, of course. We’ve been providing Patient Forms service for years. Not only our system does that, but also you can create automations based on your patient answers. E.g. if patient’s main complaint is Back Pain, you can send them your priming / educational material for Back Pain automatically.

Please set-up a free demo session with us, patient forms are just a small service in our system.