Missing Appointment Notes


When an appointment is created and a note is written, this note is deleted when an appointment is cancelled.
This can be very annoying if you would like to reference the note at a later date.


Hey Stuart :wave:

Thanks for raising this, looks like if you add a cancellation note we remove that note, which is odd. I’m going to raise it with the team! Sorry for the hassle!

Katie :slight_smile:


The notes can be found under the ‘Missed Appointments’ report.


Hi Ipsych,

It is not the cancellation note we are missing, it is the original appointment note that is lost, when an appointment is cancelled. (see below)


Should it not be added to the appointment log? (see below)


Ah yes, I see now what you meant. Agreed it should be kept.


Hi Katie,
This issue raised its head again this week, very frustrating.
Any news on the bug fix?