Merge tags in Mailchimp - LAPDATE

We’d like to be able to show clients the date that they last had an appointment at our clinic. The current merge tag LAPDATE isn’t working for us, because if clients have many future bookings, the LAPDATE will show the furtherest date in the future that is booked. How can we show the last time we saw them in clinic, regardless of their possible future bkgs?

Mailchimp advised we need another merge tag for that info, but I don’t think Cliniko can have any more merge tags.

Any ideas or suggestions?

At the moment there wouldn’t be any way to accomplish that, sorry!

The short answer with this is that currently as we’re doing things with the integration, that isn’t possible. If you want some techy details though, read on!

We need to push updates over to MailChimp as an active thing. Right now we’ll update mailchimp any time that the patient details themselves are updated, and any time you book an appointment with that patient.
The problem with updating at these times, is that let’s say a patient has an appointment booked for next Wednesday and another in 2 weeks time. Right now we’ll tell MailChimp about the appointment date in 2 weeks time.

Wednesday roles around and you see the patient, but don’t edit their demographics or book another appointment with them. Therefore nothing is “Triggering” us to push new information over to MailChimp.

In order to ensure that the “Last time we saw them” was kept up to date, we would need to effectively run a process regularly to say “Did this patient have an appointment today?”. We would need to run that process over EVERY patient that’s synced to MailChimp. In order to make sure that field is accurate, we’d need to run that process very regularly.

Now there are other ways that softwares solve things like this, that we might be able to do in the future. But as it currently stands, the integration as it’s built wouldn’t be able to handle a field like this. Sorry!

Hi @receptionmuscleworks ,

You can do this in Cliniq Apps. Please head to and have a chat with us. We will help you set it up.