Medipass for multiple family members

How does medipass work for clients who manage payments for themselves but also other clients.

eg a family where you may see a parent and child.

if the parent generally pays for both themselves and the child can they pay using the 1 account or do they need separate logins for each person they will be paying for? or is there a way then they are logged in and paying of distinguishing which card member they are paying for

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Great question @Greg, looking forward to hearing how this works!

Hi @Greg, I think we need some more clarification, if that’s okay! When you say “separate logins”, what are you referring to? Are you talking about someone logging into Cliniko, or Medipass—and does this refer to Medicare claims, or HICAPS claims?

If you’re talking about Medicare, when you’re processing a patient claim in Cliniko, you have the option to select “Someone else” as the person who gets the benefit:

However, this won’t be able to automatically populate each time—so for instance, if a parent is paying for their child’s appointment, you would need to enter the child’s details each time you process a patient claim (if you’re processing it under the parent’s name).

I’m not sure I’m fully understanding the question, though, so any additional details would be handy!



Hi Emily,

I mean for Hicaps use.

When I select pay by medipass and the text with link is sent to the phone linked to my client, and they go to their login page, can the parent then use it to pay ia their account.


I have family of Mrs X and Child X both see me.

Mrs X has a medipass login and can use that to pay for her claim.

When I see Child X, and select pay by medipass a text is sent to Mrs X. If she goes to pay can she use her login or does she need to have a new log in/account for Child X.

Hi @Greg, thank you for that example! I’ve chatted with the Medipass team, and here’s what I’ve learned:

In your case, if Mrs X has a Medipass account, she can add Child X to that same account as a dependent. Searching by Mrs X’s phone number will bring up both patients and allow you to select which one to process the claim for. The payment request/claim approval will be sent to the phone number attached to Mrs X’s account.

Medipass has a help article which walks you through adding dependents here:

If Child X (the dependent, in this case) doesn’t have a Medipass account, you can always just add them as a new patient. However, there still needs to be a phone number to send the payment request to.

Let us know if you still had questions!