Medicare rebates have increased

If you’re in Australia and are using the Medipass integration to process Medicare claims, there’s some information on rebates that you may want to know about!

On 1 July, Medicare have increased the rebates of some of their service items . We recommend you take a look at their official announcement for more information.

This means that invoices created after this date may not match the rebate that comes in from Medicare (the rebate may be higher than expected).

In this case, the Medicare payment may not be automatically allocated to the invoice, and the invoice will remain open, even when it’s technically been paid by Medicare.

For existing invoices: you would need to edit the invoice(s) in question to reflect the higher rebate, and then add the payment manually.

For future invoices: you will want to make sure that you invoice for the higher rebate, so that it matches what is coming in from Medicare, so that it automatically allocates, and therefore closes that invoice. You may wish to update the pricing of your billable items to reflect the new rebate amount, as well.

As always, let us know if you have any questions on anything!