Medicare integration and MHCP tracking update



I have checked the forums regarding Cliniko intergrating with Medicare, and Cliniko features to track MHCP sessions. These discussions are quite dated. I was wondering what progress has been made to:
1 - Integrate with Medicare for billing purposes
2 - Track MHCP sessions via Cliniko.

Keeping track of sessions is a requirement, and something that Medicare audits regularly. It would be very useful to be able to track sessions within Cliniko, as other (manual) methods are time consuming. We are looking for an efficient way to do this, using the software we have.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Hi NeavesandMenne,

While waiting for Cliniko to do this, we integrated a work-around: radio buttons numbered 1-10 and labelled in our treatment note templates. You just click the button corresponding to today’s session, as per this illustration:

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I’ve given up on ever seeing any progress on this. It is the most viewed and most requested feature update on this site, yet we keep on hearing that nothing is being done.

I really like the potential value of this workaround! Great thinking!