Medical History Tab

A Medical History tab on the sidebar above the treatment notes is needed
All medical treatments ask their patients for their medical history and medication allergies etc, this information is essential and needs to be visible and easy to fill out and update for each patient. A form that could be modified and with a date last updated showing on the sidebar would be excellent.
I am really surprised that there isn’t a dedicated Medical History heading as all practitioners use this and it’s a basic medico-legal requirement.
Using a treatment note for medical history is a bit of a faff and not very user-friendly
Please add a dedicated Medical History tab

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Hi is there any news regarding a medical history tab ?? I think it should be a dedicated tab that links to the medical alerts. I went to the OSGO podiatry conference this weekend and a few other practitioners thought the same thing.
Also when you are in a patients file and you go to invoices or payments the program doesn’t stay in that patients record when you close the receipt or invoice, so you have to search for that patient again. Also when you go to the patient search screen I think the recent patients you have been viewing should be there so you can just click on a recent one. Please let me know if you have plans for the medical history thanks