Medical History section

While Cliniko has many great features, it also lags behind many other PMS systems. One thing i asked for when i signed up 5 years ago was a section in the client file for medical history, just a simple text box you can add to , not necessarily one that has medical condition pre-populated. at the moment , to find a medical history i have to search through treatment notes, and to update i have to write a new note. Im not holding my breath on this though


This would be great. In the meantime tho, I have created a treatment template to write this sort of info in and keep it in draft form so I can update it. I click the pin button in the corner so it stays st the top so it’s easily found. The date section of the template can be changed to match the date you updated it.
Might be useful until cliniko change the front bit.


You should be able to pin a treatment note - e.g named ‘Medical History’ - which would effectively act like the feature you’re requesting.


thank you, great idea, shall try that

thank you, will try that idea