Medical Alerts NEED Updating

Ok, I have touched upon this before, however we are making the transition to “paperlite” in a few months and I have a real problem with the Medical Alerts. The problem is two-fold:

  1. Medical Alerts aren’t viewable from the appointments diary, you have to physically navigate to the patients account. This NEEDS to be viewable to everyone including the reception team. For example, Mr Peter’s is coming in today, I can see that he has a Medical Alert from looking at the appointment diary - “what’s that for?” Oh, Mr Peter’s has Parkinson’s. I should really make extra certain that he is ok getting up the stairs. They need to be viewable, whether its done by a red dot on their appointment… someone had mentioned an exclamation mark, however I believe this would be too cumbersome.

  2. Myself personally see 15-20 patients a day. It is sometimes impractical to expect me to remember what I had for breakfast let alone a patients dogs name. On our current paper forms practitioners are encouraged to write key details of interest (dogs name, football team etc) so that they have something to talk them about - it’s a nice touch that patients really appreciate. Not to mention that some also have psychological conditions that everyone in the clinic needs to be aware of such as Aspergers, Anxiety etc. What would be nice to have would be to SCRAP the “Medical Alert” button and have instead a colour coded “ALERT” button.

Red = Medical
Blue = Psychosocial
Orange = Other

Having this as an option would allow for a better use of the Alert system - which I think is a good tool, but just utilised enough in its current form because it’s impossible to know whether there is something to look out for. These buttons are about awareness - hopefully this post makes Cliniko aware of its full potential with a simple modification. I know there is a lot of background work surrounding integration for Google and Facebook but little things like this alter the functionality of the software and our experience as practitioners.


Hi there,

Just sent this as a message to the help team as I completely agree with the above.

I am actually a bit concerned that Medical Alerts dont show up in the appointment book. After all, it is an alert and receptionist/ practitioners shouldn’t have to go ‘looking for it’

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Agree wholeheartedly.

Medical alerts are primarily for patient safety. If front line staff such as reception cannot view these alerts - and they can’t see them at all - it is a huge SAFETY issue.

It is not a privacy concern (as the reason given by Cliniko for not allowing reception staff to see medical alerts).

Reception already see, and have always had access in the past to a patients medical history, and treatment notes. It is not all of a sudden a patient privacy compromise for reception to see a basic medical alert.


Any update on this @cliniko??

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I think your idea has a lot of merit.

Reception need to see it too - nothing more to add, but I support it.



Any update on this ?


Not yet, but @Katie, @Bart_Lewis, @rachel stated on Facebook that they were preparing a reply… #fingerscrossed as we’re just about to start a paperless system and this for us as a patient-centred clinic seems hugely important.

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A similar discussion is found here, giving a host of reasons why we need a perpetual alert or tag associated with a patient viewable on the appointment screen…

Hi all! I wanted to let you know we’ve just released a new feature that will allow you to add appointment notes that appear on the appointment’s pop-up and when you’re booking an appointment for the patient! Here are the details: Create notes that appear on all appointments for a patient

This will be visible to all roles that have access to Appointments (which will include the reception team). You can use this feature for key details (as @Ben_Boulter mentioned) or use it as a perpetual alert/tag associated with a patient (as @Robin mentioned).

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any questions or feedback by heading to Help → Chat With Us in your account :smile:!


Hi Rachel, I posted this in the updates board but it would be great if we didn’t have to go into the patients file to edit this, it kind of defeats the purpose if there’s so many steps involved especially when it’s busy

Just to echo what others have said; we really need these alerts to be viewable on the diary page.

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Hi @Kirsty! This new appointment note feature that we released in March is visible on the appointment popup when the patient appointment is selected. It is also visible under the patient name when a patient is selected whilst booking an appointment!

See here for more detail!