Medical Alert Button


I’m sure that this should have been mentioned before, but I would really appreciate a dot or symbol, that is viewable from the appointments page, on the patient’s appointment indicating that they have a medical alert.

There is no way to know whether a patient has a Medical Alert without clicking in to their file.

I also don’t really like the term “Medical Alert”… as we use the alert button for several other purposes - I think “Alert” would be simply be more appropriate.

Thanks everyone,



I second this. Even just an Exclamation Mark or some icon that shows up in the Appointments view. We have patients who cannot use stairs so we need to see them in a specific room and we note this in the Medical Alerts. That you have to go through two layers before anything shows up could be improved.



This is also mentioned here, as a longstanding feature request for the ability for reception or practitioners to be able to create a permanent alert or tag (not just medical alert) that shows on appointments that would have a host of extremely valuable uses.