Marketing indicator for Bulk SMS


As mentioned in our latest GDPR update (for the week of April 23), we have recently made a change to our bulk SMS function. You can now distinguish between marketing messages and “need-to-know” messages.

When sending a bulk/mass SMS, you’ll now see an option to mark the message as marketing:

If unticked, we will send the message to all patients who have a mobile number on file based on the message recipient filters you’ve set. If marked as a marketing message, anyone who has opted out of SMS marketing, will not be included.

To unsubscribe a patient from your marketing SMS, head to their File, click Edit, then scroll down to the Communications section. You’ll then see an option to unsubscribe:

Note :point_up:️: You will need to do this for each patient.

For new patients, we recommend you make this part of your intake process – asking patients in advance if they want to subscribe to marketing SMS.