Manually send email reminder

Dear Cliniko team,

It would be very useful to have the option to manually send email reminders. I have email reminders set for 24 hours before each appointment which works great if the client/patient has booked in at least 2 days before their appointment but if it is a same-day appointment or less than 24 hours they do not get the reminder email. Due to the current pandemic, I have a COVID pre-screening form and other details in the reminder email so it would be extremely useful to have the option to send it manually when needed.


Hi @Andi48,

We at Cliniq Apps might be able to help you. We have systems to send reminders, forms, etc. that enable you to automate this process. We also have systems that help you send them out manually. Please have a chat with us in we will help you set it up.

Hi Andi48,
You could set up an email confirmation with your info including pre-screening form. this is then sent when the appointment is created: as long as you have the patients email. Elaine

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Thanks for your suggestion. I have confirmation emails set up and have info within them for my clients but the COVID screening form needs to be completed close to the appointment so I have that in the reminder email which is sent the day before their appointment. This works fine for appointments made more than 24 hours in advance but if the appointment is less than 24 hours then they do not receive the reminder with the prescreening form. If I put the COVD prescreening form in the confirmation email I find those that get their confirmation days before their appointment return the form to early hence it would be really useful to be able to manually send the reminder email.