Manual resend of appointment reminder/confirmations

We would really like to click a button and resend email confirmations or appointment reminders - clients often request a reminder of their appointment and we have to go all the way into appointments, save the appointment list and forward it on which is time consuming, a single button that allows a resend of the confirmation email or reminder would be really useful.


Hey, @Hannah_Stacey Thanks so much for taking the time to add your feedback :smiley:

I do agree that this would be a great time saving feature and one that’s likely to be used often by clinics.

We don’t currently have any way to force a fresh reminder out, but there is a trick you can use to force a fresh confirmation that you might find will save you a bit of time, at least.

If you head to your Appointments calendar and locate the appointment in question, you’ll want to click and drag it to another time slot under the same practitioner, count to 5, then quickly drag it back to its originally scheduled time slot.

Since Cliniko waits 2 minutes before sending a confirmation email, it’ll ignore the first change and view the second one as a “rescheduled” appointment, sending a fresh confirmation email 2 minutes later, as a result.

I hope that helps a bit, and thanks again for taking the time to add this feature request to the Community forum :smiley: I encourage anyone else who would like to see a one-click option to re-send a confirmation or reminder message, to like Hannah’s post and/or add your voice below :+1:

Thanks for the tip on how to send a second email. This will be really useful for us for those times when we have typed someone’s email address in slightly wrong and need to resend the email.