Making Appts for a specific location


Hi All

I am a new user of this software and slowly coming to grips with how it will work for the organisation I am a part of. We have multiple practitioners and at times they all use different rooms so I need to find a way to simplify this in the system. I am trying to sort the system so it will give me the opportunity to book an appt for a client with a practitioner in a specified room. Is there anyone who has some ideas on this? My idea is to create a separate business as a room location and then create an appt but I am befuddled. We are in the user testing stage so now is a good time to get this right. I realise this is a request but there must be folk out there who have gotten around this?

I am back testing on Friday so have at least a day up my sleeve until I need to come up with something useful.



Hey Catharine! Thanks for checking out Cliniko.

The best solution I’ve heard for multiple rooms is to colour code them. So you can have a unique set of appointment types for each room, all set to a different colour. So for example, if we have 4 appointment types:

Initial Osteopathy
Standard Osteopathy
30 minute Remedial massage
60 minute Remedial massage

And in the clinic, you have three rooms, we can call them “Red room”, “Blue room”, and “Green room”.

Then you would create 12 different appointment types in Settings → Appointments → Appointment Types:

Initial Osteopathy - Red
Standard Osteopathy - Red
30 minute Remedial massage - Red
60 minute Remedial massage - Red
Initial Osteopathy - Blue
Standard Osteopathy - Blue
30 minute Remedial massage - Blue
60 minute Remedial massage - Blue
Initial Osteopathy - Green
Standard Osteopathy - Green
30 minute Remedial massage - Green
60 minute Remedial massage - Green

Then when booking an appointment, your reception would be able to just look for which colour is missing before they book in a particular appointment.


This sounds like a particularly cluncky solution. It is not unusual for practices to have more than one room, so perhaps a longer term and more robust solution might be possible? We are expanding our practice in a few months time and will also encounter this problem. It will look awful on our online booking if were to ask patients to select the right room for their practitioner by choosing the correct appointment type (although I suppose if the booking widget were set to the practitioner and they were always to operate out of the same room, the only menu options under that practitioner could be ‘the red room’ maybe, but it would look awful for any new patient booking online to be faced with 5 ‘Osteopathy-1st Consultation’ choices based on room colour or number or whatever.
Perhaps this can be logged as a development improvement? Maybe a practitioner being allocated a ‘resource’ that is the room, so that no other practitioner can accidentally be booked into that room at the same time and too many appointment types being set up? Perhaps this could be made a Feature Request?
Thanks, Victoria


I agree that it’s pretty clunky, Victoria. The solution Jim outlined is more of a workaround than it is a solution for booking multiple rooms. It’s worked well for some clinics and is unfortunately just not suitable for others.

If you feel like making a feature request for a room management feature, feel free to do so here:

We try our best to build the most requested features and we hope that the “Feature request” page will help us with choosing what to work on next.



Thanks for that. I will take it back to the office and see what I can do :slight_smile: We have about eight practitioners and about as many venues within the organisation. Fun, fun, fun :sunny: