Make sure to grab any End Of Financial Year reports before Sunday!

Heads up to anyone and everyone who has a financial year that ends on June 30th! :raised_hand:As you know, this Sunday marks the end of the 2018-2019 financial year.

In case you needed to grab some financial reports from Cliniko to help with all your financial-year-ending goodness, now’s the time! :bar_chart:

Some of the reports in Cliniko cannot be backdated, meaning you will only be able to capture the information on June 30th for the relevant period (i.e. outstanding invoices or current stock levels).

For example, in a month from now, you can’t say “I want to know how many outstanding invoices I had as of 30 June 2019” or “I want to know how many products I had in stock on exactly 30 June”.

If you need information like that, we recommend grabbing it from Cliniko on or before the actual date—so, if you run the outstanding invoices report on June 30th, you’ll see exactly which invoices are outstanding as of that date. The same goes for stocktake—if you need to see how many items you have on hand as of this Sunday, run that “Products” export on the day itself!

We have some how-to guides for the various reports you might need over on our support site. Learn how to run an outstanding invoices report, check existing stock levels, and more!

Excellent !!!
I receive this notification on 2nd July 2019.
Would have been more timely to forward this type of information a couple of weeks ago.

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Hi @Leanne, I’m sorry that you didn’t get notified of this post until 2 July. We posted this last week, and anyone who is subscribed to notifications of the Cliniko Community would have been alerted straightaway. I’m not sure why you didn’t get tha email until today. :disappointed:

To ensure that you’re notified automatically of new posts in the Updates & Changes category (, please be sure to “watch” that category. That can be done by clicking the little dot/circle in the top right of that page, and select “Watching”:

Please let me know if you had any other questions,