Mailchimp - New Client


Hi all, I am wanting to create an automated campaign within Mailchimp that sends an email to the client 1 day after their appointment with a simple poll. The problem I’ve come across is I cannot identify the metadata that will actually enable this within Mailchimp.

Currently, the merged data has ‘Latest Appointment Date’, but in theory, for those super-organised clients, they may book a massage before leaving their first massage, so the latest appointment date trigger may never be met for them.

Any ideas??


I don’t but I will be happy to find out because I would like to do the same.

Do you have a separate appt type for ‘new clients’ - that might get the info you need?


I didn’t go into Mailchimp as I came across a cliniko plug in called Cliniq Apps This has all the functionality to do this and loads more. It paid for itself for more than a year within about 2 weeks of enabling my 3 month reactivation campaign.


The boys running Clinic Apps are amazing and program excellent but you really need to be a larger style clinic to really get the advantage and make use of your client notes in Cliniko to gain the best benefits.

I highly recommend Clinic Apps


I agree with the comments string here. I have been following Cliniq Apps and one day would like to engage their services. However until we grow some more I can not afford this path. Any other thoughts others have on getting Mailchimp to deliver automated welcome series / birthday messages / follow up message, etc?


Late back to respond! Whoops. Cliniq Apps is incredible and I implement and administer it with many of my clients, but some don’t have the budget (I do sprout it IS worth the investment), but alas, bootstrapping IS a thing. I haven’t been able to find a way around it, so I’ve triggered an immediate email after ‘Last Appointment Date’ is met to send out the email. It isn’t ideal because we’re pretty much asking them how it went before they’ve had the massage, but its unlikely they’ll be reading emails on the massage table.


I’ve heard some horror stories about cliniqapps when it’s gone wrong. Plus we do that stuff ourselves and would like Cliniko to have the capability to support us in that. I don’t want to have to pay for or log into another app.


I agree clinic apps is great, but there seems to be some issues with the software, but I’m sure there are more successes than issues. Would much prefer Cliniko to have come up with some of the solutions for marketing from within cliniko rather than having to use a second company to provide this service