Mailchimp and GNDR



I’m currently working my way through becoming GNDR compliant.

Currently there’s a tick box to opt in/out of SMS and email reminders for appointments. When I use finger ink, this option is presented to patients so they can chose. That’s fab.

I’m trying to nut out how to keep using mailchimp. Patients will need to give their explicit consent to be added to my newsletter list. I want this to be as un-clunky as possible. I’d prefer not to have to manually delete ones that do not consent as there is too much risk of me forgetting, plus it’s time consuming.

Can there be a tick box beneath the SMS one to ask about email newsletters? I can appreciate that managing this with the mailchimp integration would be tricky.

Otherwise, does anyone else have ideas on how to manage this? Already I plan to present each patient with a “new patient booklet” or page that will cover data storage.

I have previously discussed some of these GNDR things with someone via your online chat, which was helpful, thank you. But I’d like to bring it forward again for consideration, and also to get ideas on how others are managing this particular issue.

Thank you.